We’re on the hunt for our new soprano. Could it be you?




NoVI is a London-based a cappella group, delivering a unique fusion of contemporary performance, classic ensemble, and cutting-edge technology. Established in 2017, this young, ambitious group embraces a wide range of genres, putting a personal stamp on each and every song in their repertoire. With original songwriting and innovative vocal arrangements at the heart of their ethos, NoVI seeks to make both great music and great art. They are excited to share their message with a growing audience and explore the depth of human emotion through music.


The last couple of years have seen the group sing to a sold-out audience at the iconic Carnegie Hall, New York, make their London debut at the Bedford, and perform as guest artists at Exeter's Northcott Theatre, in addition to releasing their debut music videos and performing at private events. 2019 highlights included concert performances in Moscow, Russia (Moscow Spring A Cappella Festival) and Sydney, Australia (private event).

What we’re looking for

  • A flexible singer, capable of adapting to different styles (pop, jazz, folk, etc.);

  • A strong ensemble singer, with good tuning, blend, and music-learning skills (if you prefer to learn by ear, that's ok!)

  • A confident soloist and performer, able to take centre stage;

  • A minimum range of C4 (piano middle C) to A5 (soprano top A).


The audition


Please record the following:

1) Sing a verse and chorus of any solo song. Show us how you love to sing, with as much range of expression as possible.

2) Two scales - an upward scale from middle C, and a downward scale from the A above middle C, stopping at the limits of your range.

3) Part-learning*


i) Sing the soprano part for Hallelujah, bars 49-60.

ii) Sing the soprano part for Sorry, bars 37-49.


*NB: part tapes must be downloaded separately, at the link below.

The file 'With sop' gives you all parts, so you can listen to the soprano part for reference; the file 'No sop' removes the soprano part, so you can sing along with the others. When recording, use the 'No sop' file.


4) Tell us a little about: 

  • yourself, and your singing experience;

  • why you want to join;

  • what you want to achieve with the group;

  • what you want the group to achieve for you.


Please send your completed video application to info@noviacappella.com, by 6pm (UK time) on Friday 3rd July 2020.


Audio must be unedited (no pitch or time correction) - you can either upload each of the four sections of the audition as separate videos, or combine them to make one single file. Mobile phone camera and audio is more than sufficient!

If you have any questions, please do email us at info@noviacappella.com.

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